News for Dutch top clubs: World Cup qualifiers canceled in South America

News for Dutch top clubs: World Cup qualifiers canceled in South America

The World Cup qualifiers in South America have been canceled. This is good news for many foreign clubs. In some South American countries, the situation around the corona virus is worrisome, meaning players should be isolated after international matches. The cancellation also applies to Dutch clubs.

Many English clubs wanted to prevent their players from going to international competitions in South America. After all, players will have to go into isolation when they return, which in all likelihood will cause them to lose games for their clubs.

International tournaments canceled in South America are also interesting for Ajax, Finnord and PSV: players like Nicolas Tagliafico and Marcos Seneci do not have to leave. So South American international players can stay at their club. In the Netherlands, there are exceptions to the isolated rules for the best athletes. So South Americans will not miss any ETVTV matches if international competitions continue. Still, it saves a lot of travel time for players. They will not be able to return from international matches with injuries or a positive corona test.

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