Biden warns of the risks of a changing delta as the United States fails to meet the goal of the vaccine

Joe Biden warned that although America has Covid-19 “on the run“The latter form is of particular importance among those who have not been vaccinated – such as Chief’s goal 70% of adults in the United States will have had at least one shot of the vaccine by the July 4th holiday.

New cases of coronavirus in the United States rose 10% in the past week with the spread of the highly contagious delta variant, especially when vaccination rates are low.

Biden warns that
Biden warns ‘lives will be lost’ if more people are not vaccinated against Covid – video

“I am concerned that people who have not been vaccinated have the opportunity to capture the variant and spread the variant to other people who have not been vaccinated,” Biden costume: on Friday.

“I am not worried about a major outbreak … another nationwide epidemic but I am concerned about the loss of life,” he added.

Biden celebrated Friday’s strong jobs data, saying, “Our economy is on the move and we’ve got Covid-19 on the run.”

But the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Rochelle Walinsky, said areas with low vaccination coverage have become hot spots for new infections even as the situation in the country as a whole has improved.

Nearly 25% of new infections in the US are linked to the “highly contagious” delta variant, first identified in India, up from 6% in June.

As of July 1, 66.8% of adults in the United States have received at least one dose of the vaccine. Overall, 54.6% of all Americans received one or more bullets.

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“We are very, very close to that.” [government] said Ewan Barancay, professor of business economics and public policy at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

But, he added, “we need to cross 70% to reach that goal.” herd immunity. We need to think clearly about who? [has] They haven’t been vaccinated yet and we understand why…we need to think about people who are fiercely opposed, based on their absolute faith or how they understand the evidence and science.”

Barrancay said the federal funding and vaccination stockpile already exists for low-vaccination communities, but that those state and local governments must carry the torch in the final stages of convincing people, through decentralized messaging, for the opportunity.

“I’m actually very impressed with the number of people vaccinated, and my benchmark was how many people would get a flu shot in a bad flu year,” he said, adding that about 55 percent of people get that.

United State point out 33.7 million cases of coronavirus and 605,000 deaths, the highest infection rate in the world, according to the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

Vaccination levels very different about the United States. Vermont became its first state in mid-June 80% of eligible persons Had at least one injection and up to 66% were fully vaccinated, making it the best case in review for Baker Hospital vaccine tracker, which is based on federal data.

Mississippi ranks last in the United States for a bullet injury to the arms, according to the tracker, with less than 30% of people fully vaccinated.

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Vermont Health Commissioner Mark Levine called political divisions over vaccines a “huge challenge” for Biden.

Vermont and the Northeast [are] It works very well. Then it is [Biden] Midwestern states haven’t reached these percentages with more polarization and politicization of the vaccine than we have – we live in a very heterogeneous country.”

“It’s very difficult for a president when there are governors in some states with low vaccination rates who are very polarizing about their vaccine status. It’s a huge challenge for him,” Levin added.

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