ASML may sell fewer chip machines to China from September |  Economy

ASML may sell fewer chip machines to China from September | Economy

Chip machine manufacturer ASML will be subject to new rules for trade with China from September. From that moment on, Feldhoven may sell fewer machines to the Chinese than now.

Foreign Trade Minister Lesge Schrenimacher announced this on Friday. The new rules mean that companies will in some cases need a license to export to China.

ASML and China are not specifically mentioned, but the limitations arise mainly because the United States does not want advanced ASML chip technology to end up in Chinese hands.

The Americans put strong pressure on the Netherlands to introduce the rules. They are engaged in a geopolitical battle with China and fear that the Chinese will use ASML technology in defense activities.

The export ban comes on top of previous rules against the sale of more advanced machinery. From September, less advanced machines may no longer be sold to the Asian country.

It was already known that the restrictions were coming. Only the implementation date is not yet clear. At first it looked as if the rules would now come into effect, but the Cabinet therefore opted to implement in September.

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