Discover these 10 cities for maximum happiness at work

Discover these 10 cities for maximum happiness at work

Who does not dream of a perfect work-life balance? In a world where the boundaries between work and play are becoming increasingly blurred, finding the right city to live and work in is essential. Discover the top 10 cities for optimal balance.

Forbes consultant It has surveyed more than 128 different cities around the world to choose the perfect places for you. A tip of the veil, Northern European fans can indulge themselves. So, pack your bags and get ready to embrace life as it was meant to be.

1. Copenhagen, Denmark

At least 5 weeks of vacation each year. Gender equality is one of the happiest cities in the world. Copenhagen is all about balance. With modern offices and bike-friendly streets, this city is the epitome of workplace happiness. Moreover, the beautiful gardens and historical monuments ensure that you fully enjoy your free time.

2. Helsinki, Finland

The chilly north of Europe welcomes you to Helsinki, where happiness is high on the agenda. With flexible working hours and ample leisure options, such as visiting beautiful parks and lakes, this city offers the perfect balance between work and play.

3. Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is a true symphony of luxury and success. With a thriving startup scene, healthy working conditions, and a focus on sustainability, this city ensures a healthy work-life balance.

4. Oslo, Norway

Although an expensive city, Oslo’s high standard of living and high wages make it one of the best cities to work and live in. Many companies in Oslo offer flexible working hours, allowing employees to manage their own work and personal schedules

5. Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand’s most populous metropolitan area is the only non-European place in this top ten. Employees in New Zealand’s largest city have an average working week of 26.3 hours, four weeks of paid leave and 11 bank holidays per year.

Auckland’s growing economy provides plenty of job opportunities in various sectors, with a low unemployment rate (3.2 percent).

6. Gothenburg, Sweden

At Gothenburg, staff well-being is paramount; Employees receive 25 vacation days per year. Work locations and times are flexible: 42 percent of job vacancies offer the option to work remotely.

7. Reykjavik, Iceland

The Icelandic government puts a lot of emphasis on a healthy work-life balance: flexible work schedules are the norm. Hybrid work is mentioned as an option in almost half of all job postings. In addition, employees are entitled to 24 vacation days and 12 bank holidays.

8. Vienna, Austria

City parks are plentiful, free health care, and free education. With its extensive social facilities, the Austrian capital is an ideal place to live for a healthy work-life balance.

The city’s unemployment rate is only 2.3 percent, and here, too, workers are entitled to 5 weeks of leave a year.

9. Edinburgh, Scotland

The best rated city in the UK in the top 10 cities for work-life balance is Edinburgh. In addition to its stunning natural beauty, the Scottish capital offers a generous 28-day annual leave policy. It is also more generous than in the Netherlands with regard to maternity leave. For women, 39 weeks of paid leave.

10. Belfast, Northern Ireland

The cost of living in the capital, Belfast, is relatively low. Especially in terms of salary and compared to other major cities in the UK. Not a fan of Scandinavia? Then this could be an excellent option.

Finding the ultimate work-life balance can be a challenge, but having the right city as your home base makes it a whole lot easier. Whether you crave relaxation in Helsinki or adventure in Reykjavík, there is always a city to suit your lifestyle. Start embracing the lifestyle you deserve today in one of the top 10 cities with the best work-life balance in the world.

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Discover these 10 cities for maximum happiness at work

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