‘Biden wants to show that winning both Israel and Ukraine is in US interest’

‘Biden wants to show that winning both Israel and Ukraine is in US interest’

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Ukraine and Israel were central to US President Joe Biden’s speech from the Oval Office. According to American correspondent John Postma, Biden combined these two topics because he wanted to give something to the American people and Congress. “There is a lot of support for a big aid package for Israel (…) but support for Ukraine has been waning in the House of Representatives for some time.”

US President Joe Biden’s speech from the Oval Office focused on the topic of Ukraine and Israel. (ANP / Associated Press)

Donald Trump’s (Independence Corps) Republican supporters in the House of Representatives in particular want to stop giving money to Ukraine because they don’t believe it’s in America’s interest, Postma explains. “Now by putting these two things together, Biden wants to show that if both Israel and Ukraine win their wars, it’s good for America. Even if everything seems far-fetched. Putin won’t stop, Hamas won’t stop, and ultimately it will affect America,” Postma said. Explains.

‘Biden to Ask Congress for $100 Billion Aid Package’

John Postma, American Correspondent

Also, Biden unconditionally supported Ukraine and Israel, but he came with a caveat. “It was wrapped in wise advice: beware of getting caught up in emotion,” says Postma. Biden drew comparisons to the September 11, 2001 attacks. According to Biden, the United States then made mistakes by pointing to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ‘He says that Israel should not do things that it will regret later, and not allow it to escalate. A few days ago he said the same words during his visit to Israel.

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Biden brings a package of support to both countries. According to Postma, various US media have already mentioned the amounts. Biden will ask Congress for a $100 billion aid package. This includes aid to Ukraine and Israel, aid to Taiwan, and money to secure the US border.’ Postma says the reason Biden is re-connecting is all kinds of things, including topics that Republicans think are important. “He believes that critical Republicans, who no longer want to pay for Ukraine, will still agree to the package,” Postma says.

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