Biden wants to reverse midterm referendum on abortion

Biden wants to reverse midterm referendum on abortion

International19 Oct ’22 at 10:09Author of the book: Hidde van Slooten

President Joe Biden wants to restore the nationwide right to abortion. He will do this when the Democratic Party increases its majority in the upcoming congressional elections. However, the chances of this happening are small, according to American correspondent John Postma. “The President’s Statement Is Mainly Propaganda Language.”

Biden wants to restore the nationwide right to abortion and rule against Roe. Anchor Wade in the frame. He needs a majority in the upcoming by-elections. (AP)

Polls for the Democratic Party are not favorable. The Senate is currently balanced between conservatives and Biden. There are only two Democrats on the way and need more than two Senate seats for a majority. It can be done, but it will be difficult,’ Postma thinks.

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“In the House of Representatives, the Democrats currently have a majority, but they are expected to lose it. The statements are not very realistic, but aimed at motivating his supporters to vote,” Postma explains.

According to the American Reporter, making abortion an election theme is important for Democrats. “This is happening all over the country, but most of all, Biden is really presenting himself as a champion of women’s rights and abortion rights, so they can vehemently oppose the conservative party. Trump’s party appointed the judges that overturned Joe v. Wade.


It remains to be seen if the campaign strategy is working. ‘It keeps people busy and campers are interested in it, which motivates them to vote. The question is whether this will be a major topic in the upcoming elections. High inflation keeps people busy in their immediate lives. When that topic dominates the campaign, people quickly see Biden as in control. So the Democrats want to talk mainly about abortion,’ says Postma.

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In three weeks, the midterms are when Americans go to the polls to elect members to the Senate and House of Representatives. As of this week, polls have already begun in some states, such as Georgia.

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