China Lights komt terug in Emmen: "Bezoekers wacht een reis om de wereld"

China Lights returns to Emmon: “Visitors await on a journey around the world”

A pyramid from Africa, Taj Mahal from India and Netherlands, Vincent van Gogh paintings from Europe. As a light sculpture, they can be admired during the China Lights Festival at Rensenpark in Emmon from December 10 to March 5. Henk Hidding, one of the organizers, says that this third light festival, with the theme ‘Journey Around the World’, will be bigger than ever.

Sixteen Chinese light sculpture makers from Sichuan came to Shibol today. Last year, these artists also held a festival in Emman. They do this from a large tent in Rensenpark. Their residence is also there. “They sleep in winter-proof caravans,” Hidding says. “We set it up there. Showers and toilets and so on.”

The tent also has a field kitchen where their own chef, from China, cooks daily. “They don’t really like the food here,” Hidding explains. “If you like hot food, you should try it.” He smiles. “I can handle it just fine, but it was too hot.” Chinese artists are busy for about five weeks in total. Construction begins on Monday.

Visitors to the Festival of Lights wait an hour and a half to travel around the world so they can get a sense of Jules Verne. It was ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. They travel to countries like Europe, Asia, South America, North America and Africa. Everywhere there are special sculptures and restaurants from those parts of the world. “Burgers and popcorn in North America, tacos in Central America,” Hidding explains.

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