Sunny and warm US GP weekend

Sunny and warm US GP weekend

The US Grand Prix will take place next weekend In Austin, Texas. It’s been dry out there for a long time and this week will be no different. The sun shines brightly and reaches tropical temperatures during the day. Nights are also warm with temperatures around 20 degrees.

Austin County is located in the central part of the state of Texas and has a warm oceanic climate throughout the year. Most of the months of the year it can rain, but it doesn’t rain for the next few days. Areas of cloud and precipitation are further away, meaning sunny and very warm conditions during the Grand Prix.

Tropical heat

The sun will shine on Friday and Saturday and temperatures will rise significantly. The air temperature in the afternoon is around 32 degrees, but it is much warmer from the ground due to the sun’s radiation. The same, of course, applies to asphalt temperatures. Sunday will see highs of 31 to 32 degrees, but clouds will slowly appear from the west. No further rainfall in the vicinity.

Warm nights also stand out. It will still cool to 15 degrees early Friday morning, but after that overnight minimums will generally be in the 20s or higher.

Weather forecast for Austin, Texas

strong wind

Another point of interest would probably be wind. Those winds are blowing from the south and will become relatively strong, especially over the weekend. The wind on Saturday will already be very strong, it will be a force 5. Wind speed will reach 40 to 50 km/h in open areas./hour. Sunday will be more windy. Winds will be moderately strong in many areas around the circuit, and then even stronger at times. Wind gusts of up to 60 km/h may occur during the day. Especially when these gases come from the side, it can have some influence during the race.

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Just after the weekend rain

Clouds will increase further from Monday and an active area of ​​rain from the west will continue. That won’t be the case until Monday evening or Tuesday. Then the monthly amount of rainfall falls immediately within a short period of time (i.e. more than 60 mm), causing localized flooding. However, that rain will only get better after Sunday’s race, leaving the US Grand Prix completely dry.

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