Biden comes with a billion package that the United States must win in the future

Biden comes with a billion package that the United States must win in the future

And he himself calls it the largest investment in jobs since World War II, an investment that only occurs in one generation. President Biden presented his long-awaited plans for US infrastructure on Wednesday afternoon (local time).

The US President wants to invest more than $ 2,000 billion in building roads, bridges, railways, ports, electric vehicle charging stations, and improving the electricity grid, thus creating millions of jobs.

Biden said, “To win the competition with China on the world stage.” “We’re at a point in history where we’ll say later: That was when America won the future.”


Bidens Economic ‘Rebuilding a better recovery plan’ It consists of two parts an action plan, which it now offers, and a social measures package that regulates social legislation such as childcare and affordable health insurance for all. More than $ 2 trillion wants to be invested in addition to the $ 1.9 trillion Corona support package.

The reason Biden is presenting the package in two parts is because the infrastructure and jobs plan has a higher chance of being successful in congressional approval. There is widespread support nationwide to address the weak network of dangerous roads and bridges.

There is also support among Republicans, but the question is whether they will allow Biden to have this landmark bill. Biden: “Throughout history, infrastructure has always been an impartial thing, we have to go back to that. There is no reason why this plan should not support both parties.”


Many Republicans think otherwise. They are mainly looking at how Biden wants to fund his plans. Among other things, Biden proposes an increase in corporate tax and wants to impose a tax on income earned abroad. Both are part of his predecessor Trump’s tax cuts.

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“There is a little bit of enthusiasm on our part,” Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell said earlier. He described the Biden government’s infrastructure plan as a “Trojan horse” to implement the tax increases.

A dilapidated infrastructure

The reconstruction plan isn’t just aimed at addressing dilapidated infrastructure and job creation. It also aims to achieve climate goals by investing billions in building charging stations for electric cars and making existing buildings sustainable.

The entire electricity grid will also be greening and every American should have access to affordable broadband internet. At the same time, the Biden government wants to combat racial inequality, for example by changing the living conditions of black neighborhoods (near polluted ports or power stations).


A comprehensive modernization of the backbone of the United States, as Biden called it, complete with billions of retraining programs and Research in a Development: “When asked if all this is necessary, I say: The same was said about the first space program and see what new technology has brought us. We invented the Internet, but today millions of families are still without it.”

But above all, modernization is needed to deal with competition with China, says Biden: “This is a battle between democracy and authoritarianism. If we can no longer reach a consensus within our democracy, they will win. But I think we can work together for The population. I think we can have the majority. I believe in that. “

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