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Benny Jolink (76 years old) is against the Farmers’ Defense Force (FDF) and the actions of activists from the Farmers’ Organization. Achterhoek, singer of the rock band Normal, discusses having a good conversation about solving the nitrogen problem.

On the difficult road to an agricultural agreement, Agriculture Minister Pete Adema is talking with nature and environmental organizations, counties and farmers’ organizations. Roy Meagher, foreman for the Young Farmers, was also one of the most important discussion partners, much to the ire of the Farmers Defense Force (FDF). Because anyone who joins the minister in 2023 will be looked down upon by parts of the farmers’ constituency.


It’s time for farmers to get their heels out of the sand

Benny Jolink, singer of the farmer rock group Achterhoek Normal

Benny Jolink says in his book “Scandal!” column in Gilderlander. This has been in my heart for a long time: I am against FDF and the methods it uses. All those protests where half the country was flattened or dumped on highways or burned. This only works against farmers. Thus, the corporation loses goodwill among the people in relation to the farmers. It does not lead us anywhere. It also distracts from the actual discussion, which is what it should be about: the search for a solution. This is only possible if you start a conversation together.

The sentiments of the present farmers

Jolink confirms in his column that he loves the farm life very much. In this sense, I completely understand the feelings of today’s cultivators. Their existence is under attack, and farms that have been in the family for decades are suddenly threatened. I find this to be the most difficult subject to write about for myself and most of the public, but it is time for farmers to get their heels out of the sand. Yes, there is a nitrogen problem. And yes, that should be resolved.

Popular regular singer often gives his political opinion. For example, he recently rewrote the text for the forty-year-old’s song “Normal Hit”. farmer is trump, To remove criticism of Europe from the song. The farmer is Trump It was released in 1983 and reached No. 14 on the Top 40. Jolink did predict that not all farmers would be happy about it, but “I don’t deal with the fans,” the rocker noted.

Read the entire column by Bennie Jolink here.

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