This means the mysterious orange arrows along the German Autobahn |  car

This means the mysterious orange arrows along the German Autobahn | car

Anyone who occasionally drives through Germany has probably seen them: orange arrows at motorway exits. But they are not everywhere. The meaning is less ambiguous than thought.

The orange arrow is the so-called forward arrow. A traffic light gives advice about the way in case the highway you are driving on is very busy, closed or in a traffic jam.

So, if you want to reach your destination without annoying and time-consuming traffic jams, follow the orange arrow on the highway with confidence. The end of the turn is indicated by an orange arrow with crosshairs. Of course it is not necessary to follow the arrows.

More blurred road signs

The bypass arrow is mainly found in urban areas with a large highway network. In areas with few roads, stocks are of little use, as there are often no alternatives. Today, the tag function is less useful, since almost everyone has on-board navigation.

Germany has more traffic codes that are not immediately obvious to the Dutch. A traffic light with a circle and a black dot turned out to be incomprehensible even to many Germans. And that while there is one or more in almost every city. A survey conducted by ADAC, Germany’s largest automobile club, among 1,000 motorists showed that this road sign was the least popular.

City center

Only one in four people knew what this sign – introduced in 2007 – meant. Many people considered it a quirky sign, or a reference to a sports field. However, the answer is very simple: the road sign with the black dot in the black circle indicates the center of the cities.

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This road sign, which indicates the city center, is not recognized even by most Germans themselves © dpa

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