Belgian short-track speed skaters Stijn and Hanne Desmet go to North America: ‘I feel a bit deserted’ | sports

The Belgian Trackers opted for a long training period in North America after failed negotiations with the Netherlands. Stijn (25) and Hanne Desmet (26) are very happy with this choice. “I am very happy with America, I come there often and I also love being there.”

look. Han and Stijn Desmet are training on the ice again

The decision has been made. The Belgian Short Track Federation is capitalizing on its future by working with America and Canada. “I am very happy that Canada and America have been chosen. It is a new challenge for us,” Hanne Desmet told VTM News.

Brother Steen looks back at the Dutch commotion. “The Dutch Ski Federation thought we were so desperate to accept the offer for next season,” says he, who has trained with the Dutch national team in Heerenveen with his sister Hahn for five years.

According to Desmet, this offer was much less favorable than in previous years: “No materials and no coaching for the same fee. KNSB has been overdone, told me by Niels Kersholt, the Dutch coach.”

Coaches and skaters are not responsible for the break. “Susan Schulting said she would miss me,” says Hanne Desmet.

At that time, the Royal Belgian Speed ​​Skating Federation (BSF) identified other summer training options for the Desmets team and other Belgian selection members. Hungary and Italy were serious choices. However, with six weeks in Salt Lake City and three months in Montreal, the Belgian skiers are very satisfied.

Canada in particular has a strong and wide peak in the short course. In addition to Hanne and Stijn Desmet, Rino Vanhooren and Tineke den Dulk will participate in the entire stage, and the other selected skiers will participate in part. The joint training of the Belgian team is important for the relay teams (mixed and men’s).

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Skiers in Salt Lake City and Montreal are intended to rent a home. Before the first stop, Hanne Desmet is already staying with American skier Joey Mantia, with whom she has had a relationship since the Olympics. “It means we are still looking for something for five skiers,” said Stijn Desmet.

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