Basketball |  Brittney Griner is back at her old club, the Phoenix Mercury

Basketball | Brittney Griner is back at her old club, the Phoenix Mercury

Griner has renewed her contract with her old club, the Phoenix Mercury. The American signed for one year. The two-time Olympic champion has played her entire WNBA career for the Phoenix Mercury.

“An important day for all of us. We missed Britney every day she went,” said Phoenix Mercury Chairman Jim Bateman. “We are so glad she can play basketball again, the sport she loves so much.”


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Greiner was arrested at Moscow airport in February 2022. She had cannabis oil in her possession. The American said, in a statement, that she used cannabis oil to relieve pain and accidentally left it in her bag.

Grenier was in Russia to play for the Russian club Yekaterinburg between NBA seasons. The basketball star was eventually sentenced to nine years in prison.


American basketball star Brittney Griner is on her way home after months of imprisonment in Russia

Griner was released last December. In July, President Biden’s government proposed an exchange with Russia, in which arms dealer Viktor Bout could return to Russia. He has spent the past twelve years in an American prison.

“It feels great to be home again. The love of everyone has helped me through this difficult time,” Greiner wrote after her release.


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