Basehof – The NSC lied about what it wanted with the nonprofit

Basehof – The NSC lied about what it wanted with the nonprofit

Nicoline van Vronhoven is running and he is not honest

It wasn't as notable, but the National Security Council announced its plans for the nonprofit last week. If there was even a plan. After Thursday's media discussion (also with D66's comedic moments), a lot of attention was paid to the conflict between the NSC and the PVV. In particular the comment by Nicoline van Vroonhoven of the National Security Council (pictured in the archive photo above) “Our commitment is that we will not make cuts.” I stay pinned. A person close to Peter Omtsigt said during the committee meeting that according to the election manifesto, the third network will disappear, but also the released funds will return to the public broadcaster. According to her, the latter would also be compatible with the National Security Council programme. But that was never mentioned. Van Vronhoven lied and lied.

In the electoral manifesto (Go to page 31) stipulates that proceeds from the cancellation of the Third Network will also go to parties outside the Public Broadcasting Corporation.

But now the National Security Council is back at it. So the proceeds from the third network's disappearance (no one knows how much, and Passehoff was hoping Van Vroonhoven would say so during the discussion, but no) will go entirely back to the non-profit. With one less channel, this certainly does not apply to linear television, but undoubtedly to digital applications, innovation and last but not least interconnections; Online position in a nutshell. This means more unfair competition for taxpayers' money for everything and everyone in the media who keeps their clothes on (although you might wonder if this makes sense in terms of NOS With a budget of hundreds of millions of euros, the Timon Factor here).

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Van Vroonhoven would probably hate that.Very crude“Non-profit reporters, but it now appears that the NSC's plans for the disappearance of the third network have nothing to do with the reorganization. Don't fall for it, PVV, VVD and BBB.

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