As a legal entity, Nature will have a say in the municipality of South Limburg

As a legal entity, Nature will have a say in the municipality of South Limburg

The municipal council in Eijsden-Margarten wants the local nature to be granted the status of a legal entity, as became clear during the budget discussion last week. A trustee that has not yet been appointed (eg a nature organisation) must monitor all Council decisions and ensure that Nature’s interests are taken into account.

The economy often comes first

The proposal comes from the opposition party PRO Eijsden-Margraten (local cooperation between PvdA, GroenLinks and D66). He believes that nature is not always treated with the same care in the municipality, which is part of both Maasdal and Heuvelland. The interests of the economy often come first according to the party. The proposal to grant nature the status of a legal entity received a large majority in the municipal council.

Mother Earth rights

The municipality of Eijsden-Margraten is the first in the Netherlands to recognize nature as a legal entity and in this way give it a voice.
There have been calls around the world for some time to give rights to nature, and this has now happened here and there. For example, rivers in New Zealand, India, Colombia and the United Kingdom have been given legal personality, as has the Mar Menor Lake in Spain. Ecuador granted “Mother Earth” rights in its constitution.


The topic is also on the map in the Netherlands. Attempts are being made to make the Wadden Sea and the Meuse River legal entities; For example, an “Episode in Law” petition was presented to the House of Representatives last year. Environmental lawyer Jessica den Otter has been working on the “rights of nature” issue for several years; I talked about it as mr. week and wrote a book on the subject. Many political parties are also concerned about the rights of nature.

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