Arcadis acquires water management software company

Arcadis acquires water management software company

Photo: ANP

Engineering and consulting firm Arcadis acquires Dutch software company Water Platform Company. Arcadis buys a 70% stake in that company that makes water management software. Using the HydroNET platform, water managers can predict the effects of severe weather and determine how to best arrange areas so that additional water can be safely drained.

Arcadis did not disclose how much the company would pay for the majority stake. The remaining 30 percent of the Water Platform remains in the hands of the founders. They will continue to run their company, which is active in the Netherlands and various other countries such as South Africa. Arcadis will sell HydroNET in other countries. The engineering and consulting firm will be the first to do so in the US and UK, but more countries will be added in due course.

In its own words, the acquisition is a huge step for Arcadis in the field of digital services related to water management. This area is already becoming increasingly important to Arcadis due to sea level rise and changing weather patterns as a result of global warming. In some areas, for example, there is a lot of rain, while in others there is more drought.

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