Direct |  British vaccinations by age group, angry police and teachers |  Interior

Direct | British vaccinations by age group, angry police and teachers | Interior

Follow the latest Corona news in this live blog.

In the next phase of the Corona vaccination in Great Britain, those over 50 and vulnerable groups will be targeted. Experts advise the government to take into account the lowest occupational risks. This advice immediately caused misconduct with the police and education. Police officers and teachers believe they should be given priority.

In Great Britain, more than 18 million people have received at least one injection. This should be the case for all residents at the end of July. The goal is to give the first dose to people over 50 in mid-April, before people over 40, over 30, and finally over 18 follow it. According to the advisory group, it is faster this way: “Following an age-based program is easier, and simplicity is one of the main pillars of the current program in terms of speed and success.”

The police described the advice as a “despicable betrayal” by the officers. “Their anger is evident. This will not be forgotten,” tweeted the head of a national organization of agents. Teachers were also disappointed. They indicated that schools in England will open their doors on March 8, and they fear this will increase the risk of infection.

4:50 pm Nearly 20,000 Coronavirus deaths, in the hard-hit Czech Republic

And in the Czech Republic, which has been relatively affected by the Corona crisis, the official death toll rose by about 84 to 19,999 on Friday. The Ministry of Health also announced that at least 14,457 cases were reported during the past 24 hours. In total, more than 1.2 million coronavirus cases have been diagnosed in the country of 10.7 million people since the outbreak last year.

The Czech Parliament passed the so-called Epidemic Act on Friday afternoon. This means that more far-reaching measures can be taken to prevent the spread of the virus, without the need for an emergency.

The government in Prague has also given the green light to consult with neighboring countries Germany and Poland about the possibility of seizing intensive care patients. Minister Jean Platney may decide when this becomes absolutely necessary. In many areas, the pressure on healthcare is greater than it should be. There are currently approximately 7,200 people infected with Covid-19 in hospital.

4.37 pm Belgium postpones its decision to facilitate hospitalization

Belgium is not letting go of the reins at the moment. The Advisory Committee decided this in relation to the increasing number of injuries and hospital admissions. “You can’t take off in a storm,” said Prime Minister Alexander de Crowe after a meeting of the six governments in Belgium. Within a week they will see if anything is possible.

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The prime minister admitted, “This is a cold shower.” Initially, there was talk of a larger “outdoor bubble” so that people of eight instead of four could meet outdoors, limited contact education for students and an early end to the travel ban. But the advisory committee takes “one week’s notice. We should not do reckless and reckless things that destroy everything we have achieved.”

De Crowe noted that after being on the “ plateau ” for weeks, the Corona numbers are now on the rise across the country. He said the new, more contagious variants in particular are a cause for concern. On the positive side, however, there is a clear downward trend across all Corona numbers in residential care centers where vaccinations have taken place.

The Belgian Prime Minister called on residents to be patient and abide by the prevailing rules. “If we assume our responsibility, the spring of freedom is coming.”

12.46 pm “ EMA approves Corona vaccine Janssen on March 11th ”

Sources within the European Union told Bloomberg News that the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will approve the Corona vaccine from pharmaceutical company Leiden Janssen on March 11. According to an EU employee, the EMA is also in talks about approving the Russian Sputnik-V vaccine.

On Thursday, the European Commission announced that the Janssen vaccine will be delivered in the European Union from April. The European Union has agreements with the pharmaceutical company to buy 200 million doses, with an option for another 200 million doses.

The United States will likely approve Janssen’s drug on Friday. This will be the fourth Corona vaccine approved for both the European Union and the United States, after Pfizer / BioNTech, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

9.45 AM Inspection: GP fault

GP Rob Elens in Meijel refuses to vaccinate his patients against Corona if they do not sign a letter indicating the effects and risks of the AstraZeneca vaccine. To write Eindhoven Dagblad. The Department of Health and Youth Care (IGJ) states that a physician may not do this.

Ellins says he doesn’t want to be held responsible if things go wrong after a vaccination. The doctor has repeatedly appeared in the news over the past year due to his controversial approach to corona. He says he has successfully treated malaria patients with the drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), in combination with zinc. It wasn’t long before the inspectorate prevented him from doing so. The scientific literature is not ambiguous about HCQ, some researchers claim significant health benefits, and others have little or no effect.

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The “vaccination letter” that patients now sign to get the vaccination, contains two A4 and breathes a vision of Ellens. He opposes vaccination against Corona and writes, among other things, that the vaccine is still “in the research stage”. He notes that according to the RIVM, infection with corona is harmless to 98% of the population and that the risk of contracting the virus is greatly reduced by taking vitamins, zinc and selenium.

9.40 am Half of the Israelis got their first Corona prick

At least half of the population of Israel received the first vaccine from the Corona vaccine. That’s about 4.65 million people. More than a third of the population has already been fully vaccinated against the Corona virus, Health Minister Yuli Edelstein reports.

Israel began vaccinating the population on December 19 and wants to get rid of it so that the Coronavirus measures can be lifted. People who have received two injections will get a green card stating that they have been vaccinated. Then they are then allowed to do the things that are prohibited under Corona procedures.

6.68 a.m. – Contaminated waste test lanes not properly disposed of

Commercial halo test sites are still regularly disposing of waste that may have been contaminated with Covid-19 as industrial waste. This also sometimes goes wrong with GGD sites. The Human Environment and Transport Inspection Authority (ILT) reported this after a new round of inspections.

ILT also conducted inspections in December. It then emerged that of the 39 Corona test sites examined, 22 were not properly packaging and disposing of the waste. Employees’ protective clothing and used cotton swabs were disposed of along with company waste, while they must be placed in special drums or special plastic bags, the inspection said at the time, among other things.

Re-inspections of ten recently visited sites showed that incorrect disposal of potentially infectious waste was no longer taking place, according to ILT. ILT also conducted 77 new inspections, 32 at GGD sites and 35 at commercial sites, and it appears that things are now going better, but things still go wrong. Among the commercial test sites, 14 of the waste potentially contaminated with Covid-19 were disposed of as normal industrial waste, from the GGD test sites this has not yet succeeded in 4.

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Moreover, at one GGD site and 6 commercial testing sites, throat and nose samples were not packaged and transported in accordance with legal regulations. For example, absorbent material was missing between packages. Once you find a sample of the material in an airtight bag between the front seats of the car.

ILT remains very vigilant in commercial test lanes. The inspection said, “Many violations, large and small, are still being committed here.” A simple mistake, for example, is the lack of hazard labels on bulk containers or waste packages.

No trial lanes were closed after the discovery of irregularities due to the social necessity of examining Corona. The sites had to resolve the violations immediately. International law warns that if violations are discovered again during the re-search, administrative or criminal action will be taken.

6.46 a.m. – Confidence in coronavirus policy reaches a new low

Confidence in the Dutch coronavirus policy has never been so low. Only four in ten Dutch remain satisfied with Rutte’s approach. The unclear and unfair path of those who bear the burden of politics and who have yet to receive a vaccine is the devastating opinion of most Dutch about Rutte’s approach. According to de Volkskrant, this is evidenced by the latest figures from the ongoing survey that RIVM regularly undertakes to measure the moods in the country.

Remarkably, most Dutch, grumbling and in good health, still abided by the rules. Take the curfew, for example: a minority say they see the target, but 94 percent are sticking to it now, according to figures collected when the curfew was in effect for more than two weeks.

6:35 a.m. – Nearly 10,000 new coronavirus cases in Germany

In Germany, 9,977 new cases of coronavirus were identified in the past 24 hours, according to reports by the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of the RIVM Institute. This means a decrease of about 2,000 cases compared to Thursday.

With the number Friday, after two days of increase, there is again a decrease in the number of new Corona cases in Germany. Since the start of the Corona pandemic, 2424,684 people have diagnosed the lung virus there.

In the past 24 hours, at least 394 people in Germany have died from the effects of Covid-19, a number just over the number reported on Thursday. Coronavirus has already killed at least 70,000 people in Germany.

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