Almost 113 Million Coronavirus Cases –

Almost 113 million cases of corona

(ABM FN-Dow Jones) There are now nearly 113 million Covid-19 infections recorded worldwide. This is evidenced by current data collected on Friday by Johns Hopkins CSSE.

The number of Corona virus carriers increased from more than 28.3 million Thursday morning to more than 28.4 million today, in more than 508 thousand deaths.

India is tracking it remotely and has more than 11 million infections and nearly 157,000 deaths. Mexico and Brazil suffered about 184,000 deaths and 251,500 deaths.

Brazil now has nearly 10.4 million cases of coronavirus, while in Mexico this number is over 2 million.

In Western Europe, the UK has the highest number of infections, at 4.2 million. France, Spain, Italy and Germany will follow.

In the Netherlands, the number of official injuries now stands at 1088,730, compared to 1083686 million Thursday morning, and in Belgium, 763885, compared to 760809 the previous day. The number of dead in the Netherlands was 15,561 and in Belgium 2,2006. The previous day there were 15529 and 21,988 respectively.

In China, where the outbreak began more than 14 months ago, 100,851 cases of corona have now been recorded. There were 100,832 yesterday.

According to Johns Hopkins data, more than 2.5 million people around the world have died from the virus. More than 63.7 million people have recovered since then.

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