Apple releases iOS 14.7.1 with patch for actively exploited vulnerability – Computer – News

Wow, what a flame wars.

Both Android and iOS have done a lot of security and updates. Yes, almost three vulnerabilities are found for Android compared to iOS, but in iOS most of them are found that can execute malicious code

Both Android and iOS platforms are no more secure than each other. I think we can determine that.

But there is something to be said for the argument that Android/Google are not the manufacturer. Because of all the external players (phone manufacturer, SOC manufacturer, camera module manufacturer, many different developers in the form of skins, launchers, adware, etc.), you are inherently more at risk than iOS, where the vertical distribution model was used .

Well, this is not a judgment of value, after all, there are manufacturers who have everything clearly arranged. So the system can work well. But I fear there are more to walk the edge. And I think that’s what that means.

By the way: the update is not a completely new version of the software, it is only 128 MB instead of a few GB. It might look like that due to the version number attached to it, but I can assure you that it is not.

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