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Intel has provided more details about the Meteor Lake processors that will be released in 2023. There will be variants with TDPs from 5 to 125 watts and the processors will consist of three He dies, which is combined with Foveros technology. The GPU has up to 192 implementation units.

Earlier this year, Intel released First details of Lake Meteor. This is the consumer processor generation that will be released in 2023 and will be manufactured according to the “7nm” Intel process. From now on, the node will be called “Intel 4” And Intel announces more about the chip’s configuration. To design the Meteor Lake processors, Intel will use the second generation of Foveros technology to stack the chips. he have pitch bump 36 μm, which doubles the connections between individual chips compared to the first generation Foveros.

In the Intel Accelerated Offer 2021 Also contains images of Meteor Lake. It shows that the chip consists of three parts: a compute die, a soc and a gpu die with 96 to 192 implementation units. Nothing is known yet about the number of CPU cores and no specification for the GPU is yet known. In current Tiger Lake processors, Intel uses Xe GPUs with up to 96 EU cores.

There will be Meteor Lake processors with TDPs from 5W to 125W. This seems to indicate that there are many variants of CPUs, including budget versions for laptops and powerful variants for desktops.

Intel Meteor Lake

The render also shows the design of the Alder Lake processors for the first time. It will be manufactured on “Intel 7” and will be released later this year. It is already known that this generation has a design with economical small cores and powerful large cores. The rendering in Intel’s rendering shows a processor with eight large cores and eight small cores.

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Intel Alder Lake

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