Anna Sorokin is still in the United States despite reports of deportation -

Anna Sorokin is still in the United States despite reports of deportation –

Anna ‘Delvi’ Sorokin, a 31-year-old con artist, pretended to be a wealthy German heir, thereby deceiving the New York community and the bank and was deported to Germany, but still lives in the United States, according to the AFP. U.S. immigration officials said. Sorokin’s story was used for the Netflix series Inventing Anna, which was streamed millions of times. On Monday, various US media outlets reported that Sorokin had been released by the US Immigration Service, ICE, where he was detained after his visa expired. The ‘fake socialist’ was to be flown to Frankfurt, but that did not appear to have happened. According to the AFP, Anna is still being held in ICE. Sorokin was sentenced to a maximum of 12 years in prison in 2019, but was released on parole after four years. His lawyer, Manny Aurora, says he hopes his client will stay in New York, “he made a living.” Anna moved to New York in 2013 at the age of 22 and played a wealthy heir, in fact she was the daughter of Russian immigrants with no wealth in Germany. His father was a truck driver and later a businessman. She knew everything and everyone, and said she had a trust fund worth $ 67 million in her name. Without paying, I was able to eat at the most luxurious restaurants, sleep in expensive hotels, and even use a private plane.

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