Grote verzoening tussen André en Monique in New York?

A great reconciliation in the United States? Monique travels after Andrew

Andre traveled to New York last week for his documentary. He gets a special visit there because Monique and Little Drew also flew in that direction.

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Andre travels to various cities in the United States, where a camera crew follows him to make a documentary about his life. He returned to the Netherlands for a short time, went to New York last week and returned to the United States.

With Andrei’s sound engineer

But apart from his camera crew, Andrew also got the audience this time around. Monique moved to New York with her son Trey and Andre’s sound engineer. “They were spotted by a spy in Schiphol, and then they were spotted by several spies on the plane,” Yvonne Coldweijer said on Instagram.

Since Andre was there for a week and went with his sound engineer Monique, not only do she and little Tray have good chances to play a role in the documentary, but a big compromise is lurking.

Reconciliation in the United States?

“It simply came to our notice then. Each other and each other, “Monique confirms on Instagram.” Last year was a roller coaster for all of us.

In the US Andre and Monique will find out if they will continue as a family again. ,, As a family we will be together in the coming weeks to see what form we need. The most important thing for us in this is that our son can spend time with both mom and dad with complete freedom, where we can be together!

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