Anger at Paddet's Nuremberg verdict |  Domestic

Anger at Paddet’s Nuremberg verdict | Domestic

One of the audience wondered if the politicians now responsible for the Corona policy should appear before a tribunal. “I do not support criminal law. I think the Nuremberg tribunal is also illegal, ”said Budet. “All you have to do is vote democratically for this regime.”

‘New low’

The video of the verdict was widely shared via social media and provoked angry reactions. “A new low point in Pedet’s review. Disgusting,” PvdA leader Liliane Blumen responded. . ”

In a statement, the FDT quoted Budget as saying: “What he said is that you cannot condemn people with laws passed only after the facts have happened. This is called legal policy, and it forms the center of a constitutional state. Murder is always illegal and always unacceptable. The genocidal crimes of the Germans should be punished under the usual national law. ”

Wheeler argues that the Nazis may have been punished under conventional national law. “I am shocked that a Member of Parliament in the Netherlands is saying this. The tests are the first step in showing where extremism and anti-Semitism have gone: the Holocaust.”

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