What are the options for a second F1 race in the United States?

What are the options for a second F1 race in the United States?

Since Formula 1 first set foot on the American circuit, the game has been eager to expand its presence on American soil. Which places are most likely for the royal class to realize that ambition?

The desire for a second Grand Prix in the United States has only grown since Liberty Media’s acquisition of Formula 1 in 2017, which decided to operate on a plan to gain more traction in a market that has not traditionally understood the game.

After American Chase Carry has headed Formula 1 for three years, his baton was recently acquired by former Ferrari boss Stefano Dominique. However, F1’s attitude has not changed: although there has been talk of reducing the number of races in the calendar to one type, the inclusion of a second U.S. Grand Prix in the calendar is high on the library list. Media. “Our strategy for the future is to have a large presence in the United States, with more than one Grand Prix,” Dominicali explained earlier this month. “Austin has been incredibly important to our calendar in recent years. We’ve talked to them about the new agreement. This Work in progress, But I can assure you that there is a lot of interest from the United States in Formula 1. ”

The second Grand Prix in the United States is not new to Formula 1: in the late 1970s and early years, more than one American race was usually on the calendar. There were even three races in the United States in 1982, but what are the most realistic plans for Formula 1 in 2021, to add a second American round to the calendar in addition to the American circuit?

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Since acquiring the game, Liberty has focused mainly on Miami. As for the new locations for Formula 1, Gary has been talking mainly about Miami and Vietnamese Hanoi in recent years. Plans for a street round in Miami have been under local committee hours since early 2019, leading to changes in the already planned layout and the postponement of the race. Liberty wants to work on this project in Miami and is working on an advertising and corporate level with Tom Carbingle, the captain of the American football team, the Miami Dolphins. According to the latest version of the proposed layout, races will be held around the Dolphins’ Hard Rock Stadium, which will reduce the use of public roads.

Explanatory Round Miami

Photo: Hard Rock Stadium

Miami is missing from the 2021 calendar, but Gary stressed last year that the project is still alive and well on the Formula 1 agenda. Dominicali shares that view: “When it comes to negotiations, they are more concrete with Miami,” the Italian said. “Miami is at the most advanced stage of its capabilities.”

The recent problems in Vietnam make it seem that the Grand Prix in Hanoi is increasingly not possible, again showing that the creation of the Grand Prix for a new round is always with the necessary obstacles. However, plans for Miami still seem to be firm. Liberty does not want to rush the realization of the Miami Grand Prix, but wants to create a new project with a long, stable future. This does not mean that other possible locations for the Second American Grand Prix were not considered. Even an old acquaintance seems to be coming into the picture more and more firmly as a serious candidate: Indianapolis.

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Back to Formula 1 Indy?

Since the acquisition of Indianapolis Motor Speedway in late 2019, Roger Benske has made no secret of his desire to bring Formula 1 back to the Brick Card, where he was last raced by first-class in 2007. Even during epidemics, Formula 1 was high on Benske’s wish list. It was interesting during a conversation with Carey last year: “This is definitely an iconic round,” Carrie said. Motorsport.com. “It’s part of the triple crown with Monaco and Le Mans. The importance of the round speaks for itself. It’s a special round for the entire motorsport world.”

D Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Photo: Walter G. Ars, Sr. KBI / Axonsportsin.in.com

The choice of existing circuits will have many advantages over Formula 1. Injuries from the 2005 crash have largely healed, and while the chances of an American Formula 1 driver appearing very slim in the years to come, F1 ratings have been rising in the United States for years. Last year, when no racing was held at a time favorable to Americans, ESPN ratings remained largely unchanged from 2019 onwards.

If Formula 1 chooses to return to Indianapolis with a design adjustment, the game may try to win new fans, for example, adding a sprint race, which is already taking place on three Grand Prix weekends this year. Experiment. This game can be taken as an example from IndyCar, where the Indy500 in Indianapolis is like no other on the IndyCar calendar.

Historical sites

Miami and Indianapolis appear to be the most realistic candidates for having a second race on the Formula 1 future calendar in the United States, but other locations could use the current pace. For example, Long Beach ran Formula 1 races between 1976 and 1983 before switching to the street round Indigo calendar. The plan to bring Formula 1 back to California six years ago seems like a quiet death, but hope can be gleaned from the fact that Formula 1 successfully completed several historic rounds like Imola and Mugello last year in Long Beach. To the calendar. While racing at Road America or Barber Motorsports Park may seem like a long way off, there seems to be a similar possibility in the United States.

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Whatever the choice, it is clear that Formula 1 will be serious about adding a second American race to the calendar in the years to come. Dominically wants to keep up the pace, and he wants to prevent Formula 1 news in the United States just a week before the race in Austin: “America needs to deliver Formula 1 news every day. Imagine building tremendous speed a week before racing in Austin, and then staying still. That’s wrong. We already have a pretty strong communications program for the United States. Provide them with consistent information through the right channels. It requires a significant investment in the beginning, but it will pay off in the end. ”

This strategy shows many similarities in the perception of the Second Grand Prix on American soil: its realization seems to take some time, but it is worth the long wait.

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