Aneta likes to slow down to lightning fast bang techno

Aneta likes to slow down to lightning fast bang techno

So, after a year of enjoying ultimate success, Aneta decided to change course. ‘I thought: This cannot go on like this. I started to think about how to tour differently and combine the mental well-being of DJs with ecology and sustainability. Because when you travel by train instead of plane, the schedule becomes more relaxed. You’re more likely to do two shows in the same country, travel less and say ‘no’ better to promoters.’

So he quit his booking agency and started a new company called Mama Loves Ya for himself and like-minded artists. ‘I discovered that I needed to surround myself with people who understood what was important to me. So what I did was: my brother works for us and my boyfriend is my manager.’ After all, it’s very simple: money is the number one priority for many booking agencies, and it’s in their best interest to help DJs grow into superstars as quickly as possible. That idea, says Anetha, is in direct conflict with the mental health of DJs. ‘Part of the show is commercial. Artists play mainstream music for money and fame. When I think: You need a voice and something to do on stage. Then do that too.’

Amidst the lockdowns, Anetha became a mother during her transition. ‘It certainly had an impact. Since then, I’ve been more enthusiastic about spinning. I don’t know why, but I’m afraid something will happen to me. A month and a half after she was born I was at a club again. That wasn’t a good idea, I wanted to be at home, in my bubble.

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Being a mother and an artist at the same time is not easy. That’s when I became relaxed. And I want my daughter to have a good future. The carbon footprint of DJs is horrendous. I can’t quit my job because I love it and we need art in the world, but I try to make a difference where I can.

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