An American invents a medical study to “examine” women’s stomachs

An American invents a medical study to “examine” women’s stomachs

One of the man’s victims was an employee in his company. She said she had digestive problems, and the man said he could help her if she participated in a paid study. She can do it Hundreds to thousands of dollars Receive local NBC Connecticut channel reports. The man paid the participants in his “studies” in cash.

The woman was not allowed to tell her classmates about the study, “because otherwise they would be jealous.” The fake study is said to have lasted more than a year.

Listening without a stethoscope

The suspect went further: during one of the investigations, she was tied to a table with ties. He eventually asked her to undress completely, take sleeping pills, and listen to her digestion with his ear to her stomach. He said he could hear it better without a stethoscope.

The suspect admitted that he has a fetish for women’s bellies and apologized. Police allegedly found thousands of photos and videos on his computer. It is assumed that the man caused more victims. The police do not yet know their number. Other victims are being urged to come forward.

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