American girl 'Side Eyeing' Chloe (10) sells meme

American girl ‘Side Eyeing’ Chloe (10) sells meme

Seven years ago, on a family trip, Chloe and her sisters were surprised by their mother, Katie, who visited Disneyland. The mother filmed Chloe’s two older sisters going crazy and crying with joy. Chloe’s appearance in the film after that was much less exciting. ‘Side Eyeing Chloe’ was born.

Fungus-free token

Since then, this memory has often been used on Twitter instead of something embarrassing or questionable.

This video is now sold as NFT (non-fungal token), which has become very popular recently. In addition, given a crypto signature for a digital image or an image, it cannot be a counterfeit. Anyone can see it anywhere, but in reality there is only one original.

Chloe and her family, who are now internet celebrities, pay in a certain crypto currency. The auction starts at around $ 75,000 and is currently around $ 64,000.

‘Strange and excessive’

The original video was viewed about 20 million times when Mom Katie posted it online in 2013. The image of her daughter was soon seen everywhere. “It was so weird and so much more,” Katie says Against the BBC. “Friends and family sent memes. To this day it happens when they see somewhere.”

According to Chloe’s mother, selling meme is a logical move. “A fan can own it now,” he says. “Chloe even said she thought it was ‘so awesome’.” If all goes well, Chloe and her family will be very profitable. Earlier this year, the NFT of the popular meme ‘Disaster Girl’ sold for half a million.

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