America will use crypto technology to prove moon landing

America will use crypto technology to prove moon landing

US space agency NASA is using crypto’s technology, blockchain, to prove the reliability of the next moon landing.

This innovative application Blockchain It promises to usher in a new era of verification of historical events and preservation of scientific integrity.

NASA is using crypto technology to land on the moon

The announcement was made in collaboration with leading blockchain experts and has attracted global attention. According to the report, NASA will use the technology behind it Crypto. Blockchain, a decentralized ledger system, will be used to record all relevant data related to work. The system will contain immutable records accessible to the public.

The project is to be launched in February 2024. A load of ‘data cubes’ will be sent to the moon. These cubes can store data in more than two dimensions. The data they collect will be verified upon arrival on Earth. If all goes as planned, the same technology will once again verify that humans have landed on the moon in 2025 when NASA launches its second mission, Artemis 3.

There are many advantages to using blockchain technology for this task. First, it provides an unprecedented level of transparency and traceability. From launch to landing, every detail is taken into account real time are recorded and verified using cryptographic signatures.

Also, blockchain technology makes it almost impossible to manipulate or falsify data. With distributed ledgers, any attempted manipulation is instantly detected and prevented. It assures the public and the scientific community that the information provided is authentic and reliable.

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Blockchain is better than landing on the moon

The US space agency’s initiative also has major implications for the future of blockchain technologies. Lonestar and the Isle of Man are working together to develop sophisticated long-term storage systems on the moon that rely on solar energy and do not require additional infrastructure.

The launch of this exciting project is already a milestone in the history of space, promising to set a new standard in historical verification. The collaboration between NASA and blockchain experts marks an exciting new chapter in technology and space exploration.

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