America braces for coldest Christmas in nearly 40 years |  Abroad

America braces for coldest Christmas in nearly 40 years | Abroad

In the Netherlands it is very mild during the year, but in America they are preparing for the coldest Christmas ever. Large parts of the country are experiencing a violent blast of arctic cold.

Freezing air will move from interior Canada to the eastern and southern United States in the coming days. A frost is expected in Florida as well. “We expect temperatures to drop so low in many places that records will undoubtedly be broken. The coldest Christmas in nearly 40 years is expected. It’s life-threatening for some residents and it’s already dangerous to be outside for more than five minutes. The Christmas holidays are off to a frosty start,” the US National Weather Service said. (NWS) Meteorologist Zach Taylor said the winter storm could shut down much of the (public) transportation.

Fluctuations in temperature will continue will be large. One moment the mercury is still above zero, the next it starts snowing, after which the mercury briefly drops below -20 degrees. Cold weather also brings snow in many places. Most of it seems to fall around the Great Lakes of the northern United States, more than half a meter inland.

The temperature drops to -29

According to the NWS, thermometers in parts of the northern U.S. state of Montana may indicate readings as low as -29 degrees today. It can also receive frost in the states of Washington, Wyoming and North and South Dakota.

Combined with wind gusts of up to 96 kilometers per hour, wind chills could reach -40 degrees in the Great Basin, Rockies and Great Plains. “This amount of cold can be life-threatening and can lead to frostbite on exposed skin within 10 minutes,” the NWS said.

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Idaho and parts of Montana and Wyoming could also get more than a foot of snow, according to the NWS. Southern states are likely to receive rain and thundershowers and the mercury also falls. It’s not as cold here as the northern part of the US, but with a wind chill of -1 due to strong winds, conditions can be called wintry.

Due to the weather, the NWS advises not to hit the road in the coming days. “Friday doesn’t look like a good day for travel in the Midwest,” said meteorologist Greg Corbin. Airports from Chicago to St. Louis may already be affected by Thursday’s weather.

As fast as a cold comes on, it’s gone in the days after Christmas. A second wave of arctic cold is slated for late next week, though it may be short-lived in the northern United States.

The weather in Europe during Christmas can be very mild. No winter weather. With rain, wind and relatively high temperatures of 8 to 12 degrees, it looks like autumn. It is very mild during Christmas. Winds will turn west northwest from Monday and cool air will flow into the country.

The eastern and southern US is bracing for very low temperatures, storms and snow.

The eastern and southern United States are bracing for very low temperatures, storms and snow. ©Getty Images

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