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BREDEVOORT – Are you planning to go on holiday to Spain or Latin America next year and you want to have a simple conversation? Started with a Spanish course (in Bredavoort) in January.

Learn this language now in a small, convenient and educational setting. In ten instructive and fun group lessons of one and a half hours, you will learn about the language using the teaching method ‘Spanish a la carte’. This way you can learn Spanish normally. The lesson is simple and practical, so you can put what you learn into practice right away. A detailed treatment of grammatical and linguistic subjects is therefore avoided. Individual chapters deal with important situations the student may encounter while on vacation in Spain and Latin America. Check-in at a hotel, rent a car, book an excursion, ask for directions, order something on the terrace, etc.

Lessons are in Dutch and homework is one hour per week. Have you taken Spanish lessons before and want to take them again? Inquire about the possibility of entering at a different level. For information: [email protected], 06-2550 1771.

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