Amazon pauses construction of the second headquarters

Photo: ANP

Online retailer Amazon has paused construction of a second headquarters. The company has laid off several employees and demand for more office space has decreased as more employees work from home.

It was planned that by 2030 about 25,000 new employees will start working in the new office in Arlington, Virginia. Amazon has committed about $2.5 billion to build the Arlington office.

Amazon wants to build a large campus in the city near Washington, D.C. The first part, which can accommodate 8,000 employees, is almost ready. But construction of three large office towers and a conference center over a hundred meters high has been canceled for the time being. This pause in construction will delay the full completion of the second main office.

After Amazon announced its desire to open a second headquarters in the United States, a battle broke out between the American states to obtain this location. He believed that such an important location for a technology company would generate many jobs and additional activity. Virginia local governments eventually pledged $800 million to Amazon in tax breaks and infrastructure improvements.

The webshop initially wanted to split the campus between Arlington and the borough of Queens in New York City. But local politicians, unions and local residents did not like the company’s arrival. Another “hub” will be in Nashville, Tennessee. It’s good for about 5,000 jobs.

The company’s current headquarters are in Seattle, Washington. More than 40,000 people work there.

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