A billion dollars to invest in the climate is one step closer

A billion dollars to invest in the climate is one step closer

internationalAug 7 ’22 12:59 PMauthor: AP

Huge investment in the US economy, among other things, to combat climate change and reduce the consequences of inflation is another step closer. All 50 Democratic senators approved a bill to do so on Saturday — local time. The Senate can now debate investments of several hundred billions.

Vice President Kamal Harris (Press wire ANP / Bob Karp / ZUMA)

Vice President Kamala Harris gave the reference vote. All 50 Republican senators were expected to vote against the multibillion-dollar investment. The investment will increase taxes, among other things.

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Discussions began immediately after the vote. The vote had great symbolic value, as not all Democrats were behind the plans until last week. Senator Kirsten Senema was the last Democrat to approve the plans on Thursday. She first wanted to change several points in the plan. Senator Joe Manchin and Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer also opposed.


US President Joe Biden calls it “the largest investment in history to fight climate change” and says the plans will, among other things, create jobs in the United States and help reduce energy costs for Americans. The bill is expected to cut carbon emissions by 40 percent by 2030, according to Democrats.

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