A sandwich chain tunnel is going to create a ‘charging paradise’ for EV drivers

Did you know that the name subway has little to do with subways? The original name of the sandwich shop was ‘Beat’s Submarines’, named after the founder and the ‘submarine sandwiches’ they sell. However, in radio commercials, listeners asked for ‘Pizza Marines’, so the name was changed to ‘Pete’s Subs’, which later became the well-known Subway.

Since the name Subway doesn’t have much to do with public transportation, there’s no need to rename it ‘Sub-EV’ in the future. The chain wants to expand with what it calls an ‘EV charging oasis’. At select locations these are a kind of charging paradise where EV drivers should have a pleasant charging break.

The charging shelters of the subway should have enough covered loading bays, a small park, seating tables, free Wi-Fi, children’s playground and toilets. Naturally, there are Subway restaurants where you can buy your sandwiches with special offers for Oasis. You know: if you say ‘um’ when ordering, you’re done.

Charging havens are a smart point of sale

If the place sells delicious food, the places where you have to wait for half an hour. How many times have you bought something ridiculously expensive to eat or drink at the airport? Subway plans to open its first Oasis in the U.S. next year.

Nothing is known yet about any plans to open such a charging paradise in the Netherlands. You may wonder if this is necessary. Here’s a look at how the manager and assistant come out a little hotter after half an hour of ‘intense meeting’ at the Supercharger in Van der Valk. Wait, he doesn’t have a tie?

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