A relaxed Van Gaal shrugs at the awkward field play

A relaxed Van Gaal shrugs at the awkward field play

Photo: ANP

The discrepancy may be even greater on Friday in the run-up to the eighth World Cup final between Orange and the United States. Where journalists from other countries asked Louis van Gaal if he could become national coach for their country after the tournament, the Dutch wanted to know exactly what he thought he could stick to after three disappointing group stage matches on Saturday against the Americans. .

Van Gall wouldn’t be Van Gall if he didn’t get into everything. With a smile, a joke, as if he was participating in this whole tournament. Van Gaal looks really relaxed and angry, like a few years ago, he just doesn’t feel that way anymore. Even with direct criticism of the field game, he does not get out of his head, although he sometimes shows in a rather fierce tone that he does not agree.

A day before the meeting with the United States, Van Gaal reiterated to a Belgian journalist that he believed he could win the title in Qatar. “Do I want to work as a national coach in Belgium? Then you will have to convince my wife Truss,” he said. Belgium is a beautiful country with friendly people. With the Dutch national team we still have to win four games to become world champions and then we’ll see if there are any offers. But if I can believe the Dutch media, we won’t be world champions.”

According to the 71-year-old national coach, the Orange are showing progress. “I thought it was much better against Qatar,” he said of the 2-0 win in the last group match. “What gives more direction is that we started with a number of guys who weren’t fit and they are now. We got through the group stage quite easily, and now we’re really getting started. We’ve just got a really good group. I’m the only one who sees that it seems, it has to be me.” “.

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Van Gaal is worried about the United States who put in a great performance against England (0-0) in the group. “It’s a very energetic team with very strong players, physically. That’s difficult for any opponent. You can also see that in the results that have been achieved,” said Van Gaal. “I don’t find it surprising that they qualified for the eighth finals, I expected it after seeing their first game.”

In terms of the starting line-up, the main question is how offensively Orange will play. Memphis Depay has indicated in the media this week that he loves playing football with Steven Bergwijn by his side. Bergwijn started the World Cup moderately and lost his place after two matches. Van Gaal: “It can happen that a player gives his opinion. Whether she is wise is another matter. But everyone is allowed to have their own opinion, especially in Holland.”

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