A large UFO washed ashore – Wel.nl

A large UFO washed ashore – Wel.nl

A large cylindrical object has washed up on a beach in Western Australia. It probably doesn’t come from a boat or a plane, but what is? Australian authorities are at a loss.

The huge metal object was discovered by residents of Green Head Beach, about 250 kilometers north of Perth. The item is currently under investigation. It is unlikely that it came from a passenger plane. The thing is dangerous. So people are ordered to keep their distance by order of the police.

“We want to reassure people that we are actively working with federal authorities to determine the origin and nature of the object,” the police said in a statement.

According to Green Head residents, the cylinder is about 2.5 meters wide and up to 3 meters long. Many went to look at the thing on Saturday. One local resident described it as “a wonderful social evening”. “It was a nice, quiet night, the kids were building sandcastles right next to the thing,” he told ABC.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas believes the object may be a fuel tank from a missile that fell in the Indian Ocean sometime last year.

The Australian Space Agency also states that the massive cylinder may have come from an “alien spacecraft” and will inquire with the international space agencies.

Earlier there was speculation that the cylinder was part of MH370, the aircraft that went missing off the western Australian coast in 2014, but this is impossible, according to Thomas. “It is not part of the Boeing 777 and MH370 was lost 9.5 years ago, so the remains would be more harmful,” said the expert.

Bron (Nin): BBC News
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