A cargo ship capsized after colliding near Sweden, probably killing two people on board in sea ice |  abroad

A cargo ship capsized after colliding near Sweden, probably killing two people on board in sea ice | abroad

to updateThe Danish freighter Karen Hoge capsized last night in the Baltic Sea near Sweden after colliding with the British freighter Scott Carrier. A large-scale rescue operation attempts to rescue the two people on board the ship from the icy waters.

Jonas Franzen, a spokesman for the Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA), told BBC News that rescue services received a distress call at 3:30 am last night that the British freighter Scott Carrier had rammed the Danish freighter Karen Hoge, after which the latter capsized. . They got out right away. Upon their arrival, they heard a “screaming in the water” from the capsized ship. There were only two people on board the Karen Hogg.

The rescue operation is a big task, but it must be expedited, given the situation in the Baltic Sea: “It is very cold and dark,” Franzen said. “Currently, the water temperature is 4 degrees Celsius, and the air is about 5 degrees.” The Swedish Health Authority says that you usually cannot survive more than an hour in these conditions without wearing protective clothing.

Two helicopters and several boats from Sweden and Denmark helped rescue services comb the sea around the capsized vessel, but the search has since been halted. Divers were sent to see if people on board were in a bubble in the ship, but “we haven’t found anyone yet,” Franzen said. The chances of them getting out alive are getting less and less.

De Scott Carrier. © Environmental Protection Agency

It is not yet clear how the two ships that were heading in the same direction could sail against each other. According to the Danish meteorological offices, the light was foggy, but it wasn’t so bad that ships couldn’t see each other. Swedish authorities are investigating whether there was “gross negligence”. Reports indicate that alcohol may be involved in one of the two boats BBC News.

The tanker Karen Hoge, 55 meters long, was on its way from Sweden to Denmark without payload. Scott Carrier, 90 meters tall, was on his way to Scotland. It is not known what the British ship was on board in terms of cargo and people.

Karin Hoej flipped between the Danish island of Bornholm and the Swedish coastal village of Ystad:

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