A 38-year-old Belgian woman goes to Turkey for liposuction, but everything goes wrong |  Abroad

A 38-year-old Belgian woman goes to Turkey for liposuction, but everything goes wrong | Abroad

A Belgian woman has initiated a lawsuit in Turkey against a private clinic in Istanbul. Helve A. (38) I paid 8,000 euros for liposuction, but it did not produce the expected result. Her dream of getting a better look is shattered. It was replaced by bruising, scarring and difficulty urinating. The woman demands compensation.


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The story of our southern neighbors is widely covered in the Turkish media. Helveh A. moved. (38 years old) to Turkey with her family in April 2021. She took the opportunity to have buttock liposuction in a private clinic with IA plastic surgeon. This was followed by a thread facelift, which is a type of face-lift without surgery.


The tourist was discharged from the hospital after one day. for his alliance a. (38) The beginning of long agony. She claims that she was unable to control her urine for 2-3 months after the surgery. Huge bruises appeared on her body, which did not disappear. She has permanent scars on her face. As a result of those problems, she suffered psychologically as well.

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Huge bruises appeared on his two legs. (38). © RV

“Reports from hospitals in Belgium and France indicate that liposuction was performed incorrectly,” says Cihan Esen, our compatriot’s lawyer, on Turkish TV. File a complaint with a Turkish court that deals with consumer disputes.

‘permanent damage’

“Too much fat was removed from one part of the body and too little from another, causing imbalance and permanent damage,” explains the lawyer. Attempts to mediate with the doctor and the hospital will not lead to anything. The doctor had been out of work for months because he was exhausted.

The woman and her lawyer are calling for both the plastic surgeon and the hospital to be referred to the Public Prosecution Office for “negligent injuries.” They are asking for material and moral damages.

Helvé A's (38) liposuction was the beginning of a medical nightmare.

Liposuction performed by Helvé A. (38) The beginning of a medical nightmare. © RV / Getty

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