3JS in America

3JS in America

It’s time for a road trip across America! Together with 3JS, you will take a musical journey through all the musical cities in the land of limitless possibilities.

From The Big Apple to the City of Angels and from Memphis to Nashville and New Orleans, 3JS visits all the important American cities in music history. You’ll learn all about the world of music, where genres like rock ‘n’ roll, blues, soul and country originated. Because what are the differences between these types? And what are the similarities? What would 3JS have really been like if they had grown up in America?

Listen to hits from great American artists like Billy Joel, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Dr. John Stevie Ray Vaughan, Marvin Gaye, Creedence Clearwater Revival, James Taylor, The Eagles, Jimi Hendrix. Under the guise of 3JS. Of course they perform their own songs!

Above 3JS

3JS consists of John Dulles, Job Quagman and Robin Cuellar. The men rose to fame with their debut album Watermenson (2007). More hits followed: from ‘Wiegelied’ to ‘Believing in life’. In 2011, the band participated in the Eurovision Song Contest representing the Netherlands. There they performed the song ‘Never Alone’.

Most recent album Perfect moment The band recorded in a real American studio, including local musicians. That collaboration created a nice Americana sound on this new record. So, the perfect basis for an American drama show!

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