“120 Hectares of Dates on the Horizon in South America”

“120 Hectares of Dates on the Horizon in South America”

European supermarket shelves are once again filled with bright red persimmons, thanks to the crop’s resurgence in South America. Some Spanish companies took their knowledge to these countries and imported and sold kakis out of season, such as the Valencian company The Natural Hand, which has become the largest importer in Europe.

“This week we started receiving the first South American dates, 80 percent of which we will supply by air to Europe and other countries around the world until the end of July,” says Juan Carlos Martinez, CEO of The Natural Hand, which markets roughly. Last summer this product was 1.5 million kg.

“This summer the harvest will be slightly lower due to the natural recovery process of the trees, and we estimate a weight of around 1 million kilos,” says Juan Carlos, who predicts growing production in the coming years. “Currently we have about 80 hectares of cultivation in various countries in South America, but we want to expand this to another 120 hectares in the coming years.”

“There are not many companies that specialize in exporting to remote destinations like us, that’s why we decided to use our knowledge in South America to keep khakis out of season with the same quality and shelf life as the khakis. To achieve this in Spain, we manage the layers throughout the year, which improves the quality” Juan Carlos Martinez confirms.

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Juan Carlos Martinez
Natural hand
Hart de Calafre, 6
46470 Albal (Valencia), Spain
Phone: +34 960046320
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