Chef’Special still wants to break into America |  RTL Boulevard

Chef’Special still wants to break into America | RTL Boulevard

The dream of one day making it in America is still alive with Chef’s Special Men. It’s been on the back burner for a while, says frontman Joshua Nolet. With the release of the new album Unfold, the singer and his band members will focus on the Netherlands and Europe.

“We certainly haven’t forgotten America yet”

“We certainly haven’t forgotten America. That dream is still there. We’ve only focused on Europe for the ‘foreseeable future’. We’ve noticed very clearly that we can’t do both at the same time,” explains Joshua to the camera. ANB “Whether it was ‘all the way’ in America or not. Otherwise you wouldn’t have time to play in countries like Germany, England, Spain and other cool countries with really cool festivals.”

Chef’s Special hinted at an American breakthrough, particularly around the release of previous album Amigo in 2017. Having been the support act for Twenty One Pilots in the summer of 2016, the band has already come a long way. In total, the Harlemers warmed up the room for their American counterparts 47 times, each time with an audience of 10,000 to 25,000. Chef’Special quickly managed to attract a new fan base.

Apart from Europe, attention has now turned to the Netherlands as well. “We haven’t played here for a long time. It’s finally time to do festivals again in the Netherlands. I’m especially looking forward to it,” says Joshua.

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