27/7 Wake Up Call: RIVM Weekly Numbers • Close the Care Bonus Application Round

27/7 Wake Up Call: RIVM Weekly Numbers • Close the Care Bonus Application Round

What did you miss?

As of today, stricter rules are applied to Dutch people visiting Germany. Travelers from the Netherlands must be isolated for five days after arriving in Germany, unless they have been fully vaccinated or have recovered from the coronavirus. Rules apply to all passengers 6 years of age and older

For many families, this means a streak through their vacation plans

Travelers must be able to show a certificate of vaccination, test or refund. They must also pass this information on to German authorities via the Internet.

The Robert Koch Institute, the German counterpart of RIVM, has announced the tightening of entry restrictions last week After it became known that new infections in the Netherlands per 100,000 inhabitants, are almost thirty times higher than in Germany.

Other news from the night:

Then this:

Both the New Dutch Waterline and the Benevolent colonies of Drenthe have been added to the World Heritage List. The United Nations UNESCO list contains historic cities, buildings and national parks around the world, such as the Great Wall of China, the Grand Canyon in America, and the pyramids in Egypt.

The Good Colonies Project was established in 1818 to combat poverty. The poor from the city were given a plot of land and some livestock in the Drenthe countryside and their children were sent to school.

According to Drentsy Deputy Sis Beagle, this “produced beautiful landscapes”. Judge for yourself:

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