Greece prepares for a heat wave of up to 43 degrees |  abroad

Greece prepares for a heat wave of up to 43 degrees | abroad

Temperatures will rise in Greece from tomorrow as hot air is brought in from the desert. The mercury could actually rise locally to 41 degrees on Wednesday. The heat wave is expected to last until early August. Even after sunset, people won’t be able to count on cooling. The mercury is not expected to dip below 25 or 26 degrees at night as of Tuesday either.

Meteorologist Yannick Damen also points out that the weather is getting hotter Weather Plaza. “In fact, the temperature is 40 degrees a few times a year. These values ​​are always achieved indoors, due to the influence of the sea it is usually less hot on the islands. You can see that now.”

The islands in the Aegean and Ionian seas can count on degrees from 35 to 37 degrees as a maximum in the coming days. “It’s still tough for vacationers out there, especially because we’re not really used to these kinds of temperatures like the Dutch are. Fortunately, there’s some wind, which means the perceived temperature is a little lower.”

The all-time record temperature for Greece is 48.0 degrees, measured on July 10, 1977 in Athens. Damen: With current expectations, we’re nowhere near that.

Constant heat can have adverse effects on people’s health. In addition, it is feared that wildfires will spread rapidly. There has been little rain in recent weeks and strong winds are expected.

Earlier this month, the Greek fire brigade managed to control dozens of forest fires despite strong winds. And the Civil Protection has previously warned that the danger is not over and that new forest fires may break out due to weather conditions.

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Greece faces wildfires every summer, fueled by dry weather, high winds and temperatures that often exceed 30 degrees. In 2018, 102 people died in the coastal town of Mati, near Athens. According to Greek media, 179 fires were caused by negligence last year, and 26 fires were started deliberately.

At least the heat does not come to us. stay in the netherlands volatile nowadays With a daily chance of rain, especially from Wednesday to Friday also strong winds. In addition, the temperature gradually becomes lower with temperatures around 20 degrees this weekend for example, usually 21 degrees in the northwest at the end of July to 25 degrees in the southeast.

A state of emergency has been declared in Sardinia due to forest fires:

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