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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: October 3

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy:

David Williams Epic Effort

Last weekend Manly took on the Rabbitohs in a Preliminary Final. Manly were down 14-0 to start the game and scraped their way back to win 30-20. In the 62nd minute, when the game was in the balance, David Williams scored this spectacular try. I don’t know what I find more impressive; the wonderful effort to get the ball down as he is falling out, or the fact that Williams absorbed a hit from a flying, 106kg Greg Inglis and then scored. That is a mans try!

Johnny Cueto Get Rattled

For anyone who believes there is no such thing as ‘Home Field Advantage’, you will change your mind after this. The Baseball playoffs are underway and Cincinnati Reds starter Johnny Cueto leant first hand just how intimidating it can be. He managed only 3.1 innings in Wednesday NL West Wild Card Round game against the Pittsburgh Pirates; he gave up 4 runs. This unusual sequence of events has been blasted around the sporting world and has been classified as the defining moment of the do-or-die game. The relentless chant, “CUE-TO, CUE-TO, CUE-TO”, obviously rattled the Reds pitcher and gifted Russell Martin the easiest home run of his career. Consequently the Reds have started their offseason.

Kobe Opens Up On Dwight Howard – “I Don’t Give A Sh*t”

With the 2013/2014 NBA season kicking off on Wednesday October 30, teams held their annual preseason media day. Basically this is an opportunity for reporters to prod and poke the players and coaching staff. During this offseason the major story of the NBA was, “where would Dwight Howard sign”. Lakers fans where front row last campaign as they found out that Dwight was a complete virus in the locker room; so when he awkwardly exited the esteemed franchise (because he cannot handle the pressure of playing in LA), many Laker fans and employees were left feeling irritated and used. Every interview Kobe Bryant has been in since has involved questions surrounding the incidence – it sounds like he’s finally sick of it.

America’s Cup – Oracle Team USA

The America’s cup came to an exciting conclusion last week, with arguable the greatest comeback in sporting history. The sport consists of 17 races and to claim victory one team must win 9 stages. America’s competitor was Emirates Team New Zealand who got off to an epic 8-1 start. The bookies and fans had all but decided it was impossible for a comeback, but 8 races later and Team New Zealand were on the wrong side of history. The America’s Cup is now held every 3 years and has come a significant way since it’s first race in 1851. As this year marks the 30th anniversary of our America’s Cup victory by Alan Bond’s Australia II in 1983, it’s a perfect time to officially announce our desire to be the next contenders – Winemaker Bob Oatley and his son, Sandy have publicly submitted a formal challenge. New Zealand’s recent quest cost somewhere around $30 million.

Mesut Ozil

24-year old Ozil was sold to Arsenal by Real Madrid for £42.2 million on deadline day; a transaction that left football fans around the world flabbergasted and Madrid supporters confused. Ozil’s arrival at Arsenal has been nothing but positive. Ozil has hit the ground running and Gunners enthusiasts are daring to dream. Playing in only a handful of games for his new club, Ozil has already notched up 4 assists and in a man of the match performance, he netted his first goal during their Champions League group game vs. Napoli Wednesday morning.

Adidas Basketball 2013 – Basketball Is Everything: featuring Derrick Rose

Adidas has released a new basketball ad that is meant to remind viewers that if you took away the money, the fame, lifestyle or the flash. Derrick Rose would still have everything, because basketball is everything. All this did is prompt me to remember that it’s been freaking ages since I’ve seen D-Rose on a court. Copious fans in the NBA community, and everybody in Chicago, are hoping his other ‘return’ campaign worth the hype. Rose is an absolute stud, so Chi-Town citizens I wouldn’t be apprehensive.

Jordy Smith – Backflip

South African surfer Jordy smith pulls off this epic backflip – a move that was deemed impossible by numerous surfing fanatics. The 26-year old polished the move frequently while filming his new movie, “Not Now”; lets just hope he produces the backflip during competition.

Mariano Rivera Last Entrance: You Love Mo, I Love Mo, We All Love Mo

When the New York Yankees had their final game at Yankee stadium, future Hall of Famer, Mariano Rivera (a.k.a. Mo), walked out to the ‘Enter Sandman’ soundtrack for the very last time. The 13-time-all-star is an absolute legend in MLB, and holding the most career saves at 652, it’s totally impossible to argue that fact. After 19 seasons Mo pitched 1283.2 innings as a closer and appeared in 1115 games. Even at the age of 43, he was still as productive as ever; in 2013 Mo played 64 innings with an ERA of 2.11 and 44 saves. Rivera will always be remembered due to his excellent regular season performances, but it was his postseason campaigns that classify him as unforgettable; in 141 postseason innings he allowed 11 earned runs and 2 homers, with an incredible ERA of .70 – that is stupid good. You either love or hate the Yankees, that’s just the nature of the organisation; but even the most vocal Yankees’ haters understand it’s inexcusable to talk trash about Mariano Rivera – he is one of the greatest of all time.


College Football – Behind The Back Conversion

During a college game between Gehlen Catholic and North Union, Gehlen’s young quarterback pulled off a fluke, behind the back pass for an epic two-point conversion.



Michael Jordan: Still Thinks He Is The Best

The greatest basketball player to ever hit the court, Michael Jordan, still believes he could take down the NBA’s top players in 1-on-1. Notably saying he would beat LeBron James, and reckons Kobe Bryant would be the hardest challenge, but he would still win.



Lucky we have that video of Jordan vs. OJ Mayo.

Channel 9 Getting It Done

You had one job. This must be the only way Rabbitohs fans are going see a Grand Final.

Jesse Barron Shows Skill

If you were under the impression that Australia has no baseball talent, well you are sort of right. Jesse Barron of the Perth Heat notched up just 3 runs from 17 at bats last season, but this is pretty awesome.

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