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Woody’s Weekly Scoop: November 29

Each week there are countless sporting videos, photos, GIFs, memes, highlights and lowlights that make you laugh and cry; it can be difficult to catch them all. My job is to bring you some of the more entertaining, past and present, sporting moments that I’ve stumbled across in the last week. Enjoy.

The Ashes – The Good & The Bad

Over the weekend Australia closed out the first Test of the Ashes Series. AUS caught fire on both sides of the wicket; David Warner smashed 124 off 154 balls, and Mitchell Johnson had 4/61 in the first innings, plus followed that up with 5/42 in the second – it was awesome to witness. The Australia Cricket team has now won back some enthusiasts that may have been vacationing for a while – not just because of the win, but also thanks to Michael Clarke.

Late in the game, English pest Jimmy Anderson threatened to assault debutant George Bailey in an attempted to delay play. The 31-year veteran didn’t even flinch and had a nice chuckle at Anderson’s desperate sledge; Michael Clarke went the other way. Clarke swiftly jumped in and defended Bailey, telling Anderson to, “get ready for a broken f**king arm”. Every Australian should have been stoked! Mitchell Johnson followed this up with a number of rocketing short balls, before getting Anderson out. This is something the Aussie’s have lacked in recent times, some swagger and toughness, backed up by a win.

So that was the good (bloody good!). Now for the bad – Michael Clarke being fined around $3,000 (20% of his match fee) by the ICC. Clarke was seen as, “using language or a gesture that is obscene, offensive or insulting during a international match”. HA! Do these clowns actually believe that was the harshest gesture or most insulting language used throughout the game? The only reason the audience heard the sledge was because of the microphone on the stumps. This technology was introduced to enhance the viewers’ experience, not as an avenue to discipline players. Sledging is a part of cricket, particular Test cricket; these enhancements in technology are a privilege for fans, we’re able to get closer to the action than ever before – they shouldn’t be used against the players.


Dance Cam – Pistons vs. Knicks

Late last week the below-par New York Knicks visited the Detroit Pistons; and the Knicks struggles continued). During the game a young kid was caught on the ‘Dance Cam’ and did what any normal person should do – started busting out. Moments later an usher had the same experience and an impromptu dance-off began!

NHL – Top 10 Biggest Hits Of All Time

Please, please make time to sit down and watch this. It’s further evidence that hockey players are the toughest athletes in America and possibly the world! Set six minutes aside, grab a beer, and maybe put a pillow under your butt if your seat hasn’t got a cushion.


Jimmy Graham

When the Saints took on the Atlanta Falcons Jimmy Graham scored his 11th touchdown; tying him first in the NFL for TD’s this season (Calvin Johnson). After, Graham celebrated in a common fashion by dunking the ball over the posts – Check out what happened.



Paul George – Windmill Dunk

The Pacers are 14-1 and are officially off to their best start ever. The Pacers were an epic side last season, yet they lacked a few components, which is why they lost to the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals. In the offseason Indiana fixed these chinks (their bench) and have continued to nurture the development of Paul George. This 23-year old has rapidly turned into a superstar. With Derrick Rose out for another season, Indiana and the Miami Heat will be meeting in the Conference Finals again (barring any significant injuries). They are the only two teams in the Eastern Conference with winning records.

Kevin Pietersen – Humiliated By The Aussie Crowd

If you haven’t ever attended a Test Match, add it to your bucket list, you won’t regret it. Kevin Pietersen and the Gabba crowd were interacting all day; for the majority of the day, both Pietersen and the fans were smiling. One Aussie managed to wipe the smile off Pietersen’s face. This is great.

Gareth Bale – Free Kick

Thursday morning Matchday 5 of the Champions League was played. In five games Real Madrid have scored 18 goals and are yet to lose; 4 wins and 1 draw. Bale’s free kick yesterday was a beauty; check out how it floats!

Philip Rivers

At Arrowhead Stadium the Chargers needed all but 26 seconds to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. Phillip Rivers threw this flawless 26-yard TD to take San Diego’s record to 5-6; and as always Rivers couldn’t contain his excitement. The guy is a legend!



Minor League – Darren Flips Karl With Massive Hit

This isn’t even the NHL; Darren Archibald from the Utica Comets nails Karl Stollery of the Lake Erie Monsters. THIS IS JUST THE MINOR LEAGUE!

Fox Sports News – Horrible Anchorman Tribute

I cannot believe they actually air this (insert Michael Clarke’s expletive) stuff on our TV’s.

UFC – Top 20 Knockouts Of All-Time

The UFC is celebrating their 20th anniversary, so they’ve released a video of their top 20 knockouts of all time. I know why I don’t ever watch the UFC; this type of “sport” gives me no enjoyment whatsoever – but you might like it.

Gerald Green – Can Dunk          

Yep, Paul George had a nice windmill before, but Gerald Green takes the cake for windmills.

Don’t forget his Dunk Of The Year from two season ago.


Rugby Union – Best Of RefCam

It’s interesting to see the game from this angle; lets just hope the referee who says ‘playing advantage’, at the 18-second mark it referencing the knock-on and not the great tackle.


Norte Dame Marching Band

They’re at it again!


Claudio Gabriel Nancufil – The Next Messi?

Claudio has become an Internet sensation. The eight-year old from the southern Andes has been called the next Lionel Messi. You might be thinking, ‘ahh yeah I’m sure he just kicks a ball here or there’; you couldn’t be more wrong. The way this young kid changes his speed, puts on the breaks and controls the ball is quite incredible.


Happy Thanksgiving!


Have An Epic Weekend!


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