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Okay, so there was nothing particularly surprising about the result of the England Scotland game. For all the bluster and talk of rivalry, England are a vastly superior side to Scotland (sorry Scots), and anything other than a comprehensive win would have been highly disappointing for Gareth Southgate’s side.

But there was a particular aspect of the 3-0 win that was a big reminder for me: Daniel Sturridge’s superb opener.

It was an inch-perfect header from the Liverpool striker that got England up and running – Kyle Walker’s bullet-like cross guided into the left-hand corner of the net by the Birmingham born forward – and it was such a perfect header that I suddenly re-realised just how good he is.

Make no mistake, the fact that he’s warming the bench in the Premier League is a supreme waste of his talents.

There is no shame in Jurgen Klopp deciding that Sturridge is not the right forward for his game-plan, but it is deeply saddening – to me at least – to see a player of Sturridge’s talent sitting out game after game, when he has more than enough ability to score goals at the very top of the game.

Because, in case you weren’t sure, that’s exactly what Daniel Sturridge does: score goals. Wherever he’s been, he’s hit the back of the net regularly, and as we all know, a striker who can score with this sort of regularity is as rare as a sensible comment from Paul Ince.

What is clear is that there is no long-term future for Sturridge whilst Klopp is in charge at Liverpool. That is no slight on Klopp – it is the German’s prerogative to pick who he believes are the best players for the game he wants to play – but the conclusion is that Sturridge must seek an alternative club if he is to make the most of his ability.

When considering his potential destination were the striker to leave, it seems obvious that the England forward would not leave for a non top-six club. And that means Tottenham and Manchester United would shape as likely suitors.

Both clubs have struggled for goals at different points this season, and both clubs would surely benefit from the sort of devastating finishing that Sturridge can provide. A move to Manchester would no doubt pose a potential problem for the Liverpool man, and it’s with that knowledge that I propose Spurs as the ideal club for the striker.

With Harry Kane the only recognised striker who has proved he can score Premier League goals at White Hart Lane, there is absolutely no doubt that Spurs would be improved by Sturridge. Vincent Janssen is struggling to adapt to English football, and there is a big burden on Kane’s shoulders – a burden that would be lifted if Sturridge moved south to North London.

From Sturridge’s perspective, it would ensure his career does not stagnate any further. It’s a win-win, and may well happen in January. Watch this space.

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