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So apparently Alexis Sanchez has become an ‘outcast’ at Arsenal.

That’s according to the Sunday Mirror’s Neil Moxley who has stated that the Arsenal players are giving the Chilean a ‘wide berth’.

This comes after Arsene Wenger inexplicably left Sanchez on the bench in the crucial clash with Liverpool, and then compounded that bizarre decision by presiding over the devastating 1-5 loss against Bayern Munich that saw the Gunners lose their last-16 tie with Bayern Munich 10-2 on aggregate.

The word on the street is that Sanchez isn’t happy, that he’s arguing with his team mates and – according to some sources – agitating for a move away.

Can you blame him?

I can’t.

The Chilean is one of the best players, not just in the Premier League, but in the world.

He took a step down to play for Arsenal, after having won La Liga with Barcelona, and he’s probably wondering what on earth he’s doing there.

This is his third season in the Premier League, and Arsenal don’t appear any close to winning the title.

If anything, they’re further away.

Can you really blame him if he does want to move on?

I can easily imagine an optimistic Sanchez choosing Arsenal back in 2014. They’d bought Mesut Ozil the year before for big bucks, and by adding Sanchez to their ranks, they were again announcing their willingness to spend money in order to compete with the rest of Europe.

Turns out that Wenger hasn’t bought a single world class player since Sanchez arrived.

He’s spent some money, sure, but Granit Xhaka’s not world class. Not by a long chalk.

I don’t know what Sanchez was told when he joined Arsenal, but I’d be surprised if it was anything along the lines of, “We don’t really try to win things here, we’re just happy with fourth place and the occasional FA Cup”.

Sanchez’s Arsenal move was one of ambition, and I personally think that he’s well within his rights to begin questioning whether or not the club still share his ambition.

(Here’s a clue: they definitely don’t).

Why should Sanchez wait around and waste the best years of his career, forgoing the opportunity to truly challenge in Europe or win serious domestic honours?

He’s a footballer, and his career’ll be over in a blink of an eye. To me it stands to reason that he’ll have looked at the situation at Arsenal, realised that it’s not a good match for his ambition and that he needs to leave.

And really, I can’t blame him.

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