Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 04:34 AM

SL pitch invader attempts conversion

It’s far too cold to get nude and run onto the field in the north of England, so pitch invaders have to get creative to get noticed in the European Super League.

During Warrington’s clash with Salford on the weekend, Wolves five-eighth Stefan Ratchford was lining up a conversion from the sideline when a fan hopped the fence and took the shot on his behalf.

It was a nice strike, too, heading towards the posts before curving late and shading the left upright.

To his credit, Ratchford laughed off the interruption and duly nailed his delayed attempt as Warrington finished 34-18 victors.

One cynical Twitter user took the opportunity to have a crack at Hull KR’s Australian import, former Newcastle Knights winger Josh Mantellato.

The brazen invasion stole the attention from the sensational try that preceded it – a sensational, acrobatic effort by Wolves winger Gene Ormsby.

[YouTube – NZAUTV Rugby League]

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