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Obstruction Rule

For a few seasons now coaches, players and fans have been fuming over the nauseating obstruction rule.


Over the weekend we witnessed two controversial verdicts resulting in no tries. The Dragons winger Brett Morris and Melbourne’s halfback Cooper Cronk received red lights as it was deemed that an attacker had obstructed a defensive player off the ball.


Daniel Anderson (NRL referees chief), supports his referees indicating the two decisions were correct.  After the scrutiny over the weekend, Anderson outlined the reason behind the decisions made in round 3, stating, “The basic premise is that an attacking player that does not have the ball cannot run at a defender at the chest or outside shoulder and initiate contact”.


This is all well and good, however common senses need come into play. Video referees need to take into consideration whether or not the incident had any impact on the actual scoring of the try (depending on the severity of the contact of course).


Anderson also specified that while he might not agree with the rule, for the time being the referees would continue to enforce the current obstruction rule, with the key focus to remain consistent.


An option to reassess the obstruction law down the track is on the cards.

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