Tuesday 20 February 2018 / 04:42 AM


There’s been an incredible amount of hype surrounding this year’s Oakland Raiders team. Most of that hype has surrounded young quarterback Derek Carr – and in the most action he’s seen thus far, Carr put on a show.

Carr’s numbers were fantastic, guiding the offense to scores twice. He connected with Amari Cooper on a deep pass, and was terrific against the blitz called by the Titans. Cooper was limited in his action, but his chemistry with Carr is unquestioned on the few snaps he saw, including one highlight catch.

After the game, Carr’s teammates were quick to pass praise to the budding star. Khalil Mack, the anchor of the defense, said, “he’s the most accurate quarterback I’ve gone against.”

While it’s only the pre-season, it’s hard to find a knock on Carr’s game. The sky is the limit for a Raiders team not used to these skyrocketing expectations.

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