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Lost in the flurry of news in the NFL from the weekend was the craziest thing I think I’ve ever witnessed as a fan of the NFL: the Buffalo Bills post season press conference.

Bills general manager Doug Whaley faced reporters after yet another regime change in Buffalo yesterday, and it went even worse than you could have possibly expected.

Whaley opened the press conference by telling reporters that he had no influence over the decision to fire Rex Ryan. In fact, Whaley had no knowledge of the decision until AFTER Ryan was fired.

To make matters even worse, Whaley didn’t even pick Rex’s interim coach: that was Ryan’s decision. And the search team that Whaley was supposedly to lead? Ownership will decide that.

Whaley could certainly be lying, but what would the incentive be to look entirely useless in your job? Reporters were quick to wonder that, quickly deciding to go after Whaley by asking him to tell them what exactly he did with the team.

It’s a rare day in the NFL when a general manager openly admits that he has no power or control over his team, and it was certainly a bizarre sight, whether he’s lying or not.

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